Cleanaway Life Saving Rules and Environment Absolutes

Please access and read through the Assessment linked below and answer the following Questionnaire.

Cleanaway Life Saving induction video

The Life Saving Induction Video can be found at the following link Cleanaway Life Saving Induction Video
Password: Cleanaway@131339

NOTE: Please review the Life Saving Rules Digital Booklet

Inductions are a critical opportunity to share information about who we are, Our Cleanaway Way, health, safety and environment and what we

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Welcome to Cleanaway –  Life Saving induction video!
Please complete the following questions to assess your understanding of the video information.

  • Select 2 correct responses below
  • Safe Driving & Approaching Equipment

  • Fitness for Work

  • Hazardous Chemicals

  • Fire and Explosion

  • High Hazard Work

  • Energy Isolation & Safety Devices

  • Water Protection

  • Soil Protection

  • Air protection

  • Compliance to regulatory licence

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