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We are committed to helping your business grow through the people solutions we can provide for you. Engage is about commitment to people, both client and candidate alike.


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Register with Us - Employment Registration

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us via the contact us page.


Step 1: Personal Details


  1. Please complete all appropriate questions.
  2. Please type or mark all answers where possible.
  3. Please ensure to attach your CV and copies of any relevant documentation to your application.


Given Name
Middle Name
Date of Birth


Home Address

Number Street
Suburb / Town
State Postcode


Postal Address (If different from above)

Number Street
Suburb / Town
State Postcode


Contact Details

Home Number
Mobile Number
E-mail Address
Closest Engage Office


Emergency (Please provide two emergency contacts)

Contact 1 Given Name Surname
  Phone Relationship
Contact 2 Given Name Surname
  Phone Relationship



Are you an Australian Citizen? Yes No If no, please state country of citizenship
Passport # Expiry
Do you identify as Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander? Yes No


Uniform Details

Shirt Size Pant Size Shoe Size


How did you find out about Engage?

Referred by: Candidate Client Engage
Walk In JSA
SEEK Social Media
Google Search Other


Step 2: Work History

Please upload the following resume and license documentation.


Click browse and select your resume to upload.


Licence Front

Click browse and select a copy of the front of your Licence to upload.


Licence Back

Click browse and select a copy of the back of your Licence to upload.



Do you have your own car? Yes No
If no please state how you would travel to work?


Trade Or Tertiary Qualifications

1 4
2 5
3 6


Step 3: Tickets and Licences

Please tick the tickets and licences that you currently hold and provide copies for your Engage candidate file

High Risk Work Licences (Renewable, photographic and recognised nationally)

Cranes Hoists Scaffolding
C0 Slewing Mobile Crane > 100T HM Materials Hoist SB Basic Scaffolder
C1 Slewing Mobile Crane < 100T HP Personnel and Materials Hoist SI Intermediate Scaffolder
C6 Slewing Mobile Crane < 60T PB Concrete Placing Boom SA Advanced Scaffolder
C2 Slewing Mobile Crane < 20T WP Elevated Work Platform Pressure Equipment
CB Bridge or Gantry Crane RS Reach Stacker BS Standard Boiler Operator
CD Derrick Crane Rigging and Dogging BA Advanced Boiler Operator
CN Non-slewing Mobile Crane > 3T DG Dogger ES Reciprocating Steam Engine
CP Portal Boom Crane RB Basic Rigger TO Turbine Operator
CS Self-Erecting Tower Crane RI Intermediate Rigger Forklift Operation
CT Tower Crane RA Advanced Rigger LF Forklift
CV Vehicle Loading Crane > 10mT   LO Order Picking Forklift


Competency to Operate

  Loadshifting Equipment  
LB Front-end Loader/Backhoe LP Scraper LS Skid Steer Loader
LBG Bridge or Gantry Crane LR Road Roller LZ Dozer
LE Excavator LG Grader Haul Truck Operations
LL Front End Loader    


Other Tickets and Licences

Transport and Motoring Demolition and Asbestos removal Other
C O Car (Open) Demolition Licence High Pressure Water Jetting (IFAP) Assistant
C A Car (Automatic) Class A Licence High Pressure Water Jetting (IFAP) Operator
LR (Light Rigid) Truck & Bus Class B Licence Electrical Spotter
MR (Medium Rigid) Truck & Bus Asbestos Assessor Electrical Workers Licence
HR (Heavy Rigid) Truck & Bus Mine Inductins Low Voltage Rescue
HC (Heavy Comb.) Truck & Bus Generic Ind. Standard 11 – Surface Hazardous Areas
MC (Multi Comb.) Truck & Bus Generic Ind. Standard 11 - Underground CPR
National Driver Work Diary Site Specific First Aid
Dangerous Goods Traffic Control and Management Confined Space
Special Condition QLD Lv 2 Traffic Management Working at Heights
Tractor Licence QLD Lv 1 Traffic Management MSIC (Maritime Security ID Card)
Boat Maritime Licence QLD Traffic Control SARC (Safely Access the Rail Corridor)


Step 4: Employee Terms and Conditions
  1. I understand that I must submit to Engage by no later than 10am Monday, a timesheet detailing hours worked for the previous week. Timesheets must be approved and signed by the appropriate client supervisor/manager before they will be accepted by Engage. It is my responsibility to submit timesheets to Engage on time and follow up with the client if necessary. I understand that timesheets submitted after 10am Monday may not be processed and may carry over to the following pay period. Engage guarantees that all correctly submitted timesheets received by the payroll deadline will be processed and paid on Thursday each week.
  2. In the event that any excess payment is made to me, I authorise Engage to make the appropriate deductions from my following pay subsequent to the discovery of the error. Alternatively, Engage may agree to a different repayment schedule.
  3. If the host client has additional work requirements, and my role changes, I will contact an Engage consultant immediately or at the earliest possible time.
  4. I agree to use the required personal protective equipment as instructed by Engage or the host client. I agree to comply with the supervisor’s instructions regarding workplace health and safety and not willfully place at risk myself or any other person at the workplace. I further agree to adhere to all workplace health and safety policies in place with the host client, including drug and alcohol screening.
  5. I agree that in the event that I sustain an injury/ illness during, as a result of, or on the way to or from a work assignment, I shall advise Engage immediately or at the earliest possible time.
  6. If I am unable to attend work or have problems with my assignment obligations, I understand I must contact Engage immediately.
  7. I consent to Engage disclosing personal information provided by me and my referees, to Engage clients and potential employers.
  8. My employment with Engage is as a casual labour hire employee; as such I may be assigned to provide services for the benefit of Engage clients, with each shift constituting a discrete period of employment.
  9. I understand that Engage does not control the length of any assignment and I accept that, while Engage may indicate the potential length of an assignment in good faith, the host client may vary the length of the assignment or terminate my placement at its absolute discretion.
  10. I accept that if a client of Engage varies the length of an assignment period or terminates my attendance at an assignment as contemplated in clause 9, Engage has the right, at its discretion to discontinue my employment.
  11. By providing your email address to Engage, you are consenting to receive payslips and end of financial year payment summary electronically. Unless you choose to have these items sent via Australia Post to the mailing address on record by checking the box below, these documents will be made available to you electronically.
    I wish to receive my payslips and end of financial year payment summary via Australia Post.

Health and Safety Declaration

Is your current state of health good? Yes No
If required, will you have a medical check up? Yes No



I on the declare that the information contained within the application is true and correct. I also understand and agree to all terms and conditions presented in the application.


Step 5: Pre-placement Fit Slip - Part 1
Medical History Yes No Do you have any difficulties performing the following activities? Yes No
Have you ever suffered from any work related injuries or illness? Yes No Running or walking short distances Yes No
Are you currently being treated by a doctor? Yes No Manoeuvring on uneven terrain Yes No
Have you ever had any problems relating to the use of safety or personal protective equipment? Yes No Sharp or sudden body movements Yes No
Are you taking any medication that the employer should know about? Yes No Using hand tools in excess of 5kg Yes No
Do you have a history of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to work? Yes No Long periods of concentration Yes No
Do you have any current medical conditions that may affect your ability to work? (e.g. pregnancy, epilepsy) Yes No Hearing Yes No
Are you required to wear glasses for your work? Yes No Reading Yes No
If so, do you have prescription safety glasses? Yes No Climbing Yes No
Do you consent to submit samples for pre-employment, random & post incident/accident/injury drug & alcohol screens? Yes No Crouching Yes No
      Working at heights Yes No
      Working in confined spaces Yes No
      Lifting or bending Yes No
      Ability to grasp objects firmly with both or either hands for short & long periods Yes No
      Repetitive body movements Yes No
      Sitting or standing for sustained periods Yes No
      Understanding/communicating in English Yes No
      Following clear instructions Yes No


Do you suffer from or have you ever suffered from…? Yes No Do you suffer from or have you ever suffered from…? Yes No
Asthma or lung related problems Yes No Stomach problems / Ulcers Yes No
High blood pressure or heart related issues Yes No Hernias Yes No
Repetitive strain Yes No Fits or Seizures Yes No
Joint problems/fractures/arthritis Yes No Allergic reactions Yes No
Back or neck related problems Yes No Medical or surgical complications Yes No
Any skin disorders Yes No Long periods of absenteeism from work Yes No
Persistent headaches/migraines Yes No Diabetes Yes No
Ear infections that resulted in a partial or complete loss of hearing Yes No Tuberculosis Yes No
Colour Blindness Yes No Hepatitis or Liver trouble Yes No


Step 6: Pre-placement Fit Slip - Part 2

Have you ever received the below vaccinations?

Disease vaccinated for Year Disease vaccinated for Year
Hepatitis A Tetanus
Hepatitis B QFever


In the opinion of any “reasonable person” do you believe that you would have any problems performing the duties of that required to hold the position of (please write down your preferred position/s and tick Yes or No):

1 Yes No
2 Yes No
3 Yes No
4 Yes No
5 Yes No


Are there any other work related problems not mentioned that the employer should know about?

Yes No

If yes, please state the other work related problems:



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