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Frequently Asked Questions - Common questions and answers on Engage

  1. How Do I Register?

    You can apply with your basic contact information and upload your current resume and colour copies of licences and tickets.  You’re details will be received by one of our recruitment specialists who will contact you to arrange a face to face interview.

    Alternatively, if you do not have accessibility to upload information via our website, please contact our Brisbane office or Gladstone office to make a suitable appointment time for an interview.
  2. What if I cannot make an confirmed shift?

    Engage operate 24/7, our office phone lines are manned at all times.  Please call 07 3716 6600 or 07 4972 9960 any time of the day or night, provide your name, shift time and reporting department, should you be unavailable to attend a confirmed shift.
  3. When will I be paid?

    Engage operates weekly payroll of Monday to Sunday, hours worked within that week are paid in arrears the following week.

    Pay Day - wages will be deposited into your nominated account each week on Thursday.
    Any direct deposits, debts or overdrafts are not the responsibility of Engage.
    Changes to Bank Accounts must be provided in writing to your nominated Engage office no later than 10am on Monday of the pay week.
  4. How do I request a payslip?

    Please contact your local Engage branch and a staff member will assist with your request.
  5. How do I notify Engage of a change of work availability?

    Engage operate 24/7, our office phone lines are manned at all times.  Please call your local office 07 3716 6600 (Brisbane) or 07 4972 9960 (Gladstone) to update your work availability
  6. How do I update my contact information or financial information?

    Please contact your local Engage branch and a staff member will assist you with your request.
  7. What are my obligations?

    As employee of Engage, the responsibility to communicate and update any changes to your personal situation is yours.

    Advise Engage staff to changes to:

    • Qualifications / licences
    • Bank account, tax or superannuation memberships
    • Contract details including; address, contact phone or email

    Adhere to required Personal Protective Equipment requirements for wear and care of the materials provided or used.
    Employees are required to be provided a minimum level of PPE for each role.
    Contact your nominated Engage office if you do not have required PPE for a role PRIOR to your START date.

    Engage Employees – It is your responsibility to:

    • Follow  health and safety instructions provided by the employer & host client
    • Correctly use personal protective equipment and clothing as directed
    • Maintain the PPE in good working condition
    • Immediately report work related injuries, incidents & near misses to host client & employer
    • Report hazards & risks to host client & employer
    • Cooperate with employer & host client on Work Health & Safety Matters including:
      • Inductions
      • Job & site specific instructions

    Reporting Incidents and Injuries

    • Follow site direction and instruction from employer for reporting of incidents on site
    • Advise your nominated Engage office as soon as practical of incident/injury
    • Adhere to all directions for treatment, interviews and return to work procedures.


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